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The SAMSI-FODAVA Workshop on Interactive Visualization and Analysis of Massive Data will be held on December 10-12, 2012.
Posted: October 02, 2012
The FODAVA Annual Meeting will immediately follow (Dec 12-13) the SAMSI/FODAVA joint workshop at the same location.
Posted: September 05, 2012
Many of the modern data sets such as text and image data can be represented in high-dimensional vector spaces and have benefited from computational methods that utilize advanced techniques from num
Posted: June 30, 2012

Technical Reports 2012

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[2012] G-PARE*: A Visual Analytic Tool for Comparative Analysis of Uncertain Graphs
Authors: Hossam Sharara, Awalin Sopan, Galileo Namata, Lise Getoor, Lisa Singh
[2012] SHARD: A Framework for Sequential, Hierarchical Anomaly Ranking and Detection
Authors: Jason Robinson, Margaret Lonergan, Lisa Singh, Allison Candido, and Mehmet Sayal
[2012] Graph Summarization in Annotated Data Using Probabilistic Soft Logic
Authors: Alex Memory, Angelika Kimmig, Stephen H. Bach, Louiqa Raschid and Lise Getoor
[2012] Probabilistic Soft Logic for Trust Analysis in Social Networks
Authors: Bert Huang, Angelika Kimmig, Lise Getoor, Jennifer Golbeck
[2012] Social Group Modeling with Probabilistic Soft Logic
Authors: Bert Huang, Stephen H. Bach, Eric Norris, Jay Pujara, Lise Getoor
[2012] Scaling MPE Inference for Constrained Continuous Markov Random Fields with Consensus Optimization
Authors: Stephen H. Bach, Matthias Broecheler, Lise Getoor, Dianne P. O'Leary
[2012] What is... Data Mining
Authors: Mauro Maggioni
[2012] Multiscale Geometric Methods for Data Sets I: Multiscale SVD, Noise and Curvature
Authors: Anna V. Little, Mauro Maggioni, Lorenzo Rosasco
[2012] Multiscale Geometric and Spectral Analysis of Plane Arrangements
Authors: Guangliang Chen, Mauro Maggioni