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The SAMSI-FODAVA Workshop on Interactive Visualization and Analysis of Massive Data will be held on December 10-12, 2012.
Posted: October 02, 2012
The FODAVA Annual Meeting will immediately follow (Dec 12-13) the SAMSI/FODAVA joint workshop at the same location.
Posted: September 05, 2012
Many of the modern data sets such as text and image data can be represented in high-dimensional vector spaces and have benefited from computational methods that utilize advanced techniques from num
Posted: June 30, 2012

Foundations of Multi-Manifold Modeling Algorithms

Gilad Lerman

We present several methods for multi-manifold data modeling, i.e.,
modeling data by mixtures of manifolds (possibly intersecting). We first
concentrate on the special but useful case of hybrid linear modeling,
where the underlying manifolds are affine or linear subspaces. We
emphasize various theoretical results supporting the performance of such
algorithms as well as practical choices guided by it.